Traditional Grazing

A delicious selection of premium charcuterie products including Brie, crackers, breadsticks, grapes, green and black olives as well as parmer ham and salami.

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Includes (not limited to):

  • Two to five artisan cheeses (depending on the size of the platter)

  • Charcuterie (variety of pork cold cuts - pork can be replaced with beef/chicken)

  • Hummus

  • Assorted gourmet crackers

  • Grapes

  • Cape gooseberries

  • Olives, gherkins and pickles

  • Herbs and flowers for both decoration and consumption

(Please note; products are seasonal and are subject to change depending on availability)

Please let us know in the comments, when you order, of any allergies or items you would particularly like/dislike in your box.